As a sound story teller via performance and sound exploration,
experimenting becomes a practice that leads me to a discovery journey in my everyday experience with life. - Steloolive

Stitches From The Ocean (SFTO) is a unique example of experimental story telling using sound exploration, photography and interactive exhibition design. It is inspired by the observations of sea waves at the shore and its community, Jamestown.

It seeks to transform these observations into an audio-visual performance in locations (that can be found through gps coordinates) in and outside of Jamestown.

This installation serves as an extension of a performance that was mapped out in 2019.

Field recordings of sounds from the sea within the Jamestown community were done and those recordings were then synthesised to create a ‘Self Observational Procession Performance’.

This performance was carved out via photography. This procession photo series performance is an extension of an auditory experimental electronic music live set.

In these installations, stories from Jamestown are told using all of these audio-visual forms. These installations further experiment with exhibition interactivity through a hybrid medium; analog for visual, digital for audio, both complimenting each other and linked by quick response codes.

The installations were done in two public spaces and one private space, two of them in communities near the ocean and the other further away. The choice of these locations are also part of the stories being told, one of which is, that the ocean is a technological framework from which we can create.